Sony Teases Its Next Wearable Technology

Sony has left us craving for more by teasing its next wearable technology. Sony’s SmartWear is not a smartwatch but a tiny wearable which will be coupled with an Android app to help the wearer maintain a log of his/her life. The SmartWear consists of a removable Core sensor pack and a SmartBand bracelet which serves as a fitness tracker as well as life logger. Sony has kept the details vague but as far as we can work out from the product page the SmartWear is able to track physical activities like walking, running, cycling and even sleeping and it also lets you bookmark events on the companion Lifelog app by pressing the Life Bookmark key on the SmartBand.

Smart Band 5
Smart Band 2 Smart Band 3 Smart Band 4

The SmartBand can be paired with your smartphone using NFC and it uses Bluetooth connectivity to transmit information. The SmartBand vibrates and alerts wearer whenever he/she gets a call or receives a message or a notification from any app. It also lets you mute your smartphone. The SmartBand lets you play, pause and skip tracks while listening to music. The SmartBand is trying to rise from the existing competition by giving you the option of nine colour variants. The Smartband is waterproof and is claimed to last for up to five days on a single charge. The SmartBand is also a cheaper wearable with its 99 Euros (8,415 INR) price tag. The SmartBand with the removable Core unit is expected to arrive in European and US markets by the first quarter of 2014 and we are expecting a more detailed announcement from Sony during the Mobile World Congress 2014.

Source: Sony's new Core fitness tracker will be the 'heart' of its wearable experience (hands-on) - The Verge & #-Link-Snipped-#


  • prahu mac
    prahu mac
    i think apple has already introduced this kind of technology in the form of nike+ app
  • sana592
    the biggest problem i see in this is connectivity. not that these things won't connect but almost everyone will be. some nerd spy types in your 9 numbers and has you right where you are. there will be no hiding as everyone is going to want the convinience. i am actually lowering the tech in our home and lives. i use cash for all my transactions. buy nothing on line, have no transponders in our vehicles and just get cash from the bank when we travel. except for satillite taking my picture whenever i am outside, if they choose, big brother has no idea where....

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