• Sony Playstation enthusiasts from UK have a reason to cheer. Sony has revealed an official release date for Sony PS Vita Slim or 2000 in UK as 7th of February 2014. Last year, the same gaming console was Next Gen PS Vita To Be Available In Japan From October 10th For 18,980 Yen. The original PS Vita was launched following a lot of buzz, but the sales figures did not went sky rocketing for the hand-held device. In the invite for the event, Playstation wants the publishers to witness an introduction to the slimmest. This time around, Sony boasts that the PS Vita Slim, like its name is quite - cheaper, thinner and lighter than its elder brother. To quote the figures - The Vita Slim is said to be 14 percent lighter (weighs 219 g) and 20 percent slimmer (15 mm thick) than its predecessor.

    Among the features, we find that the the display has ditched the 960 x 544 pixel resolution OLED screen and opted for a IPS LCD one instead. The PS Vita Slim now has microUSB charging and 1 GB of onboard storage. Sony has also claimed that the PS Vita will last for six hours on a single charge which is an hour more than the previous one. Powered by an A9 processor, the new PS Vita offers a 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRam out-of-the-box.


    When it was launched in Japan, it was made available in six color variants, including - pink, black, blue, grey, lime green and yellow for a price of 18,980 yen which is approximately 12,450 INR. The official price for UK as well as the color choices are not yet out. We have to wait another week for the release to know the same. Interestingly though, a 10-game Indie Mega Pack will also be released at the same time as the new PS Vita 2000 Slim. The titles included are - Thomas Was Alone, Floating Cloud, God Saves the Pilgrims in HD, Velocity Ultra, Total Recoil, Alien Breed, Coconut Dodge Revitalised, Men's Room Mayhem, Limbo, Superfrog HD and Hotline Miami. These games come on a 4GB memory card.
    Take a look at this video -

    Before the launch happens, let us know what are you opinions on the Slim version of PS Vita through comments below.
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