SONY Patents 'SmartWig' Hairpiece - Aims To Lead In Wearable Technology

Your smarts could soon be coming from horse hair, human hair, wool, feathers, yak hair, buffalo hair or any kind of synthetic material that shall be the main ingredient in Sony's 'SmartWig'. The Japanese firm has patented the SmartWig technology, which it says has additional advantages compared to other wearable thrown out in the market. For one, they say, this wig offers better comfort, and second, it offers improved handling. This can be worn over your naturally awesome hair, and shall be able to process data and interact wirelessly with other external devices. Also, it helps users with road navigation and information collection- such as the user's blood pressure or body temperature on any given day.


The communication interface and sensors on the wig have been covered partially by hair. Sony believes that this boosts its appeal, as it may be worn as a "technically intelligent item and fashion item at the same time". Three prototypes were described-
  • Navigation Wig- Made use of GPS to provide navigational details to user
  • Presentation Wig- A laser point on the wig lets users change .PPT slides to left/right
  • Sensing Wig- That collected user's health information (like body temperature, etc.)
Google and Samsung pioneered the wearable tech with their respective products, and it's a huge market out there. No doubt Sony, and other consumer electronic companies, want to cash in on the trend.

via: Sony files patent for 'SmartWig' - BBC News


  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    Firstly, if those colors are the 'looks' that Sony expects people to 'wear' - then bad choice! The Sensing wig is smart. Don't really like the idea of the rest. Who would want to go for a presentation wearing a wig branded by Sony? That just spoils the concept of using a 'wig'. Google Glass looks to be a better option for Navigation and Presentation.
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Stephen Harris
    A cyber hairpiece could permanently plug us in to a world of distraction and make us look ridiculous at the same time.

    Is the new Sony patent useful or frivolous?


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