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Sony MDR-NC200D - The New Noise-Canceling Headphones

Question asked by Mohit Nayak in #Coffee Room on Sep 8, 2011
Mohit Nayak
Mohit Nayak · Sep 8, 2011
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Have you ever tried listening to music outdoors but couldn't enjoy it due to excessive external sound? Well, Sony has just the right product for you - MDR-NC200D Noise-Canceling Headphones.
The Bose Quietcomfort series have become industry standards for noise-cancelling headphones. However, Sony's attempt at capturing the noise-cancelling headphones market is around $150 cheaper than the Quiet Comfort series.


The MDR-NC200D analyses your current environment's ambient noise and accordingly switches between different modes. It reduces ambient noise when in transit by up to 98.2 percent. The MDR-NC200D is supra-aural, meaning it rests on the ear instead of surrounding it. The design is simple with ample padding which makes it easier to wear it for longer durations. The audio cable is detachable so if the cable ever gets damaged, you can just replace the cable instead of the entire headphones. The headphones are foldable and fit neatly in the provided bag. It requires an AAA battery for the noise cancellation. The battery provides up to about 22 hours of listening time.

Noise cancellation is usually achieved by sampling the ambient noise in your environment and then creating sound waves which are out of phase. These out-of-phase waves thereby cancel the ambient noise. MDR-NC200D focuses on consistent noise but doesn't eliminate sporadic noises. There are three modes which the headphones use, depending on the noise level and type. You do not get an option of choosing a mode yourself.

At moderate volume levels, there's some quality with clear bass response. But at high volumes, there is distortion when noise cancellation is enabled.

This is Sony’s official page for the headphones. Source: Press release

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