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Sony MDR 1000X Noise Cancellation Headphones Promise Music Experience Like Never Before

Sony has recently launched the MDR -1000X headphones in the Indian market. This Bluetooth enabled headphone has noise cancellation features allowing separation of both high and low frequency sound efficiently. Compared to other headphones of Sony, it offers industry-leading noise cancellation quality. Launched at a price of Rs 30,990/-, it is available through all the major online retailers and Sony outlets in the country.

Different Avatars of Sony MDR-1000X

It has inherited the traditional headphone design but comes with new built-in features. It has high sensitivity drivers which filters out noise effectively. The headphone is provided with internal and external microphone which balances and eliminates the ambient noise, also known as the ‘Dual Noise Sensor Technology’, providing the best in class hearing experience. The headphone is also provided with urethane foam ear pads which also helps in minimizing environmental noise and outside world distraction.

Side View of Sony MDR-1000X

Another unique feature with which the device is equipped with is the ‘Sense Engine’ technology. It not only allows user to control what they want to hear but also to select the operation modes of the device using simple touch gesture. It supports two important modes, namely- Ambient Sound (Voice Mode) and Ambient Sound (Normal Mode) which allows the user to catch important announcements and listen to everyday essential sound without uninterrupted musical experience. The headphone is equipped with a touch sensor at the housing which allows the user to adjust the level of sound and control the volume. The device also analyzes the preference of the user and adjusts the sound based on the user’s traits.

Coupled with Hi-Res Audio and S-Master HX technology, the headphones provide high resolution sound. It is provided with aluminium coated Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm and Neodymium magnets which lies at its core- generating the true original sound.

LCP Diaphragm and Neodymium Magnets Allows It To Unleash High Quality Audio

It also have Digital Sound Enhancement Engine feature which modifies the compressed digital musical files (MP3, ACC, etc.) to the high resolution audio level. It upscales them, making them richer in quality and resolution.

High Quality Wireless listening is supported via LDAC which gives a maximum transfer rate of 990Kbps than conventional Bluetooth. It also supports Bluetooth feature providing no compromise in the quality of sound. Providing a maximum usage time of upto 22 hrs, this device only takes 4 hrs to full charge up. It also comes with an additional single sided detachable cord of length 1.5 m and a stereo mini plug. All these comes at a price of Rs 30,990 and weighs just only 275 gms.

Sony MDR-1000X -Features At A Glance

Though, the price of the headphone is at par for normal usage, it can become an alternative for music maniacs and those who look for decent noise cancellation features. It belongs to the elite class of headphones and can be useful for composers and people who are looking for an alternative over premium headphones like Bose, Sennheiser, etc. which provides comparable features at a higher price.

Check out this video to know more about Sony MDR-1000X-

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Source - Sony India

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