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@Ankita Katdare • 19 May, 2014
Launched in April 2014, the Sony CP-V3A is a new USB portable charger introduced in India today. The company had launched its first model the Sony CP-V3 a 2,800mAh charger back in December 2013 and it somehow got a good response from the Indian folks. This time it has unveiled the renewed charger with more battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Available in 12 different vibrant colors, the Sony CP-V3A portable power bank sports the same compact design and can give the smartphone one full charge anytime, anywhere.

Powered by Sony's native Hybrid-Gel Technology, the new portable charging device is equipped with the usual Lithium-ion battery. Sony however boasts off that it retains 90% or more of its capacity at 1000 charges. Delivering a high output of 1.5A for a speedy boost, the CP-V3A USB Portable Charger can always be the emergency power backup for your smartphone or tablet.


This portable charger can be bought at a price of Rs. 1,590 in all of the country's Sony Centers and major electronic stores as well as some e-commerce portals. The names of popular companies that sell portable chargers in India other than Sony include - Maxx, Ambrane, Eveready and Nokia. What do you think of the pricing for CP-V3A USB Portable Charger? Share your thoughts with us in comments.
@Rajni Jain • 19 May, 2014 Price looks higher to me,
Amazon India is selling the CP-V3 in 1076 /- INR, that is just 200mAh lesser then the currently released CP-V3A.

For just 200 mAh spending half a grand may not be wise, rigtht?

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