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Sony Announces Head-Mounted 3D Eyegear

Question asked by Mohit Nayak in #Coffee Room on Sep 2, 2011
Mohit Nayak
Mohit Nayak · Sep 2, 2011
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When all we are hearing about are touch phones, Super AMOLED displays and Android tablets, Sony has went ahead and created something completely futuristic! I am talking about Sony’s Head Mounted Display or HMZ-T1 When you have a look at the device, I am sure beyond any doubt that you’ll be reminded of those Sci-Fi movies you so loved!


The HMZ is a large headgear equipped with a set of headphones and two display panels. All you need to do is wear it and be amazed.The separate panels allow the device to realize 3D effect. The panels are of 0.7 inch, 1280x720 resolution HD OLED for each eye. Now when you hear about screen size, you're probably accustomed to those 4 inch or 7 inch displays. So how does 0.7 inch fit in here? The clue is the closeness. Since the screen will be right next to your eye, the perceived display is obviously magnified. To give the user a rough idea, Sony estimates the experience to be comparable to that of watching a movie on a 750inch screen at a distance of 20m!  The headgear fits well to block out external light for a complete 3D experience


When Sony thought about the perfect display, it is quite natural that they wouldn’t ignore sound. The HMZ incorporates a special 5.1 channel surround sound technology. Sony calls it Virtualphones Technology since they developed it especially for headphones. This new technology creates a sound field that naturally reproduces the sound to make it seem as though the sound is emanating from speakers placed all around the viewer. The HD display and virtualphones technology will give the user a very realistic feeling of actually being there.


The eyegear is not mobile and requires a processor. The processor is connected to your media device which transmits the media to the processor via HDMI output. The HMZ is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 11th Pricing is expected to be 60,000 yen ($783 US)

Thus we have yet another device to contribute to our sedentary lifestyles! I hope users are not tempted for chronic usage since no matter how cool this sounds; this cannot be good for your health. Staring at a display from so close to the eye and being fixed on the couch for hours does not sound good. But as long as there is discretion, there is entertainment without consequences!

You can read Sony’s official press release here

Check out the video of Sony Head Mounted Display Personal 3D Viewer HMZ-T1:
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Image Credit : Business Insider Posted in: #Coffee Room

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