• Solar energy is the "energy of the future" - You hear quite a lot of ignorant people say that. The fact is not all people know about it. What we hear or read may not always be true. So, let us do a group study about the solar power. It's uses, advantages, disadvantages, applications, projects, misuses, statistics and more in this thread. By contributing collective knowledge about it, we will have a content-rich source to discuss "everything you should know about Solar Energy"

    Let us first establish, the best known facts about Solar Energy and keep adding details to it.

    Solar energy is energy from the sun. It can be converted directly or indirectly into other forms of energy. It drives climate and weather and supports all life on Earth. Solar energy technologies are using the Sun's energy for practical purposes. Solar energy is a renewable energy source.

    Solar energy is still a very tiny fraction on global world energy market.

    I will keep adding whatever information I can read and trust from various resources. It would be great if you add some inputs too.
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  • Jeffrey Arulraj

    MemberDec 11, 2013

    The maximum energy we recieve from the sun is around 1kWh per sq.m But this occurs only when there is maximum sun light intensity and there is no clouds in the sky.

    This power is received only in the equatorial region in the month of May and early June(In the Northern hemisphere) in other words During Peak Summer.

    At other times the energy received is not to an extent appreciable
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