Software testing field

Hi I am planning to join in Software testing course in Bangalore. My doubts are,
1. I do not have any experience in Software field as of now though I passed MCA at 2004. Will that be a problem for my entry?

2. Is it easy to get into the field of Testing for freshers?


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hi Vinodg,

    Good to hear that you're opting for career Software Testing. Let me handle your queries -

    1. Lately, most of the Indian companies are into software testing. Entry shouldn't be a problem if you know the basics of software testing [which you will learn during your course]. Indian biggies (INFY, TCS, WIPRO) do have lots of entry-level openings. I suggest that along with the manual testing concepts, try to acquire good knowledge of software automation tools along with PERL programming language. That should give you an edge over others.

    2. I answered most of it above. No one can answer if its going to be 'easy' for you to get a job. Along with the knowledge of testing concepts, you must be prepared to crack the aptitude tests conducted by companies for entry-level positions.

    As far as testing is concerned pat attention to ->
    1. Manual Testing Concepts.
    2. Automation [QTP -> Leading tool in autmation testing]
    3. Linux & PERL.

    Let me know if you have further questions. We'll be happy to answer. 😀 All the best!
  • Softtesting
    Hello Sir,
    I am working in MNC in manual testing field for 5.5 years. I have learnt basics of Automation testing tools such as QTP, SOAP UI and Selenium but most of the projects are done in manual testing. Currently I am living in USA on dependent visa. Here I can not work but i want to utilize 6 months period. I want to learn new automation tool or enroll for a course which will be helpful for my carrier in testing. Please advice..
    Thanks and regards😀
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Here I can not work but i want to utilize 6 months period. I want to learn new automation tool or enroll for a course which will be helpful for my carrier in testing. Please advice..
    Which of the tools did you like the best? If you already are targeting a job then look for the automation tool requirements. Or in general, look for the projects that you might join once you are eligible to work in US and find out which tools they employ. You can get that information from job postings and skills-set requirements. It'd be advisable that you develop expertise on that specific tool.
  • Softtesting
    I don't have liking for any specific tool as I do not have much project exp. on those tools and I am not planning to work in US. I am little confused about which tool/ specialized testing I should learn. Also, here are 2 options for learning, either self learning or any online course. Could you please suggest me some tool or any other testing technology(SAP, Big data, Dataware house testing) which is currently in scope or having scope in future. I will go with that. Also please suggest me some good website/ online book or course for the same.
    Many thanks for your reply...
  • venkatpedda
    I completed my graduation electrical engineering. i joined as fresher in MNC company and working as an automation testing engineer from past 1.6 years .I worked in UFT12.05, Selenium webdriver and Testcomplete 10.05. I certified in ISTQB Foundation level.few of seniors suggesting me to shift to Development because salary and opportunities and demand would be more. i am totally confusing whether i am on the right track? or should i have to learn new development technology?.
    please suggest me in brief, this is the precious time for me to take the good decision.

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