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pradypop • Jan 30, 2006

Software Implementation of I2C

I would like to know weather anyone has implemented I2C in software in smaller chips like Atmel AT89C51, which doesn't have the port. Could you share the details with hardware details(viz: for which I2C chip the code's been implemented).
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 5, 2006
Prady's question is still unanswered! 😒 It seems we need to gather more folks 😁

Anyone listening?

-The Big K-
rollistone • Feb 7, 2006

(admin)Link Edited:
Rollistone, please do not put your email address here. Instead, update your profile. This place is restricted to 'technical discussions' only. 😀

The Big K
pradypop • Feb 10, 2006
We definitely need to increase number of posts on engineering issues, probably, by discouraging posts on other topics. Unfortunately the objective of this forum of encouraging Enigineers to interact on whacky engineering issues doesn't seem to be taking off.

I really suggest that we have only one sub-forum for non-technical discussions and all other sub-forums should be of technical content.
Jerry • Feb 10, 2006

We definitely need to increase number of posts on engineering issues,
I agree!
I strongly feel that the technical discussion forum needs better posts & people. This section can be of great value to engineers who do not know where to look for answers. However, it seems that people are not yet ready. I guess its us, the active members; need to make things happen on this section. This place is growing slowly but steadily and I have much hope from it.
probably, by discouraging posts on other topics.
I disagree!
I have discussed this issue with administrator of this forum. The idea, he said, was not only discussing technical stuff but also to create something useful out of it. He has aims of letting engineers interact to develop some products/services which will be useful to all. For example, Software engineers from all over the world come together to develop a product/service that will bang the world. Alternatively, mechanical, electronics, software engineers interact with each other to develop a world-class robot. His ideas sound crazy, but made sense to my crazy brain 😛 . I will better ask 'k' to comment.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 11, 2006
Thanks Jerry! 😀
Prady! I really appreciate your suggestion. Its you who really got me started with introducing trade-specific forums. 😀 . Technical discussions are no doubt an integral part of CE forums and we can't really do without them. But restricting ourselves to technical discussions, won't make us a better community. There are lots of tech-discussions communities on internet.
We are here with an aim! Engineers have the capability to make things happen! Through our forums, we'll allow Engineers to discuss on diverse topics from Finance, Politics to Robotics & agriculture! Sounds whacky, but I'm sure we'll make it happen one day. How about an electrical Engineer in India cooperating with a mechanical Engineer in Brazil to make a seed sowing tool that helps farmers? 😀 Or an engineers from all over the world helping an engineer in New Zealand to find a job?
Possibilities are limitless!
Sounds totally Crazy! but well, we are Crazy Engineers 😉

You've been a great value to CE forums and I'm looking forward to some interesting posts from you. Our forum will take time to get momentum, but as jerry said, its our responsibility to make it happen.

HaPpy Posting! 😁
-The Big K-
pradypop • Feb 12, 2006
Ya, I agree with both of u Jerry n Biggie. I got ur viewpoint. Its a new forum and will take time to take off. I was just pondering over, what more could we do to keep things moving.

One thing I always see is lots of guests visit the forum. What would attract them to join would obviously be the content, apart from the concept of the forum itself.

Probably we can provide the guests with some articles which could make an intresting reading to attract them towards joining the forum.
ool.s • Mar 4, 2006
voice analyzer

hi my name is maul but u can call me ool. I need some help here, is anyone know about voice analyzer.i need it please help me
ool.s • Mar 4, 2006
voice analyzer

hi my name is maul but u can call me ool. I need some help here, is anyone know about voice analyzer.i need it please help me 😡
rick • Mar 4, 2006
wrong place, ool 😀

start a new thread in appropriate section and include all the details. 'voice analyser' generates so many thoughts in my mind 😁

'K', now I agree with you. We need the CrazyEngineers newbie guide soon. are you working on it? Please let me know if you need my help 😁

mayur gupta
mayur gupta • Apr 18, 2006
Edited :

Mayur - This is not the place to put your resume. Kindly refer to the CrazyEngineers NewBie Guide. to get started.

-The Big K-

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