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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 5, 2008

Soft Drinks: Are they good?

Months ago in India, the soft drink manufactures faced some good heat from private laboratories that claimed that soft drinks contain harmful pesticides.

I personally do not know if the reports were correct. However, its a known fact that the soft drinks are a mixture of artificial chemicals.

What's your take on soft drinks? Are they good? Are they bad? Why? Why not?



Here's an article that appeared in Times of India: Tests reveal pesticides in Coke, Pepsi, Mirinda
shiva kumar
shiva kumar • Jul 5, 2008
soft drinks do contain pesticides ,there is no doubt ,but according to the researchers the level of pesticides cannot affect human health ,i cant give you the scientific explanation i have seen this debate in NDTV big fight show ,where a well known scientist has ruled out the possibility of human health being affected by soft drinks.
But the crux of the matter is during the process of manufacture of soft drinks huge amounts of pollution is released which can affect the environment.
There are many instances in andhra pradesh where many crops were damaged due to the wastes released by this companies.
technospartan • Jul 5, 2008
yeah it is a fact that soft drinks do contain artificial preservatives.but when t comes to have soft drinks or not (after all they harm you😕).why dont we have anyone asking whether smoking is good or bad?😒.thats surely going to cause you harm.(doesnt it?????????????????) why isnt any question asked on alcohol consumption?????????? (ok ok im a teetotaler).a beverage that causes lever cirrhosis!!!!!!!!!! why dont we have any question on these topics??????????

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 5, 2008
Being a community of technical people, I guess we should verify if its really 'good or bad'. Now, as CEan Shiva Kumar said, one of the scientist claimed that soft drinks can't cause any harm to human health. But the factories pollute the environment in a big way - which indirectly affects human health.

Probably, chemical/food engineers can help us here. Anyone reading this thread? Hello?
gohm • Jul 5, 2008
They are severely unhealthy for your body. High fructose corn syrup is being linked to all kinds of illnesses(cancer, diabetes, heart problems). The caffeine is no good in colas and neither are the artificial ingredients. High acidic nature throws off the body's ph balance and they are an extreme diuretic. They taste good, but better left on the shelf. Not much healthier than alcohol (many studies show small amounts of alcohol, esp wine to be very healthy for the body, though I do not drink). Please recycle your cans!
MaRo • Jul 5, 2008
I've bad experience with soft drinks, but the problem you feel like you need it all the time.

but the result will be very BAD!
moksh • Jul 5, 2008
lolz maro ..
well frankly i dont trust any report or issue that comes up on newspaper or television news 'cause even those guys are unsure abt their report nowadays...neways i dont think soft drinks do any harm , they have pesticides in very minute quantity... and our body mechanism can always resent any harmful changes it makes
like Shiv Kumar said if u wanna take an action then get rid of Alcoholz from the market. 😛
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 6, 2008
Let's keep Alcohol out from this discussion.

Let's focus on soft-drinks. my point is - since we have technical people on CE, we can get a 'techno-focus' on this subject. Just saying 'Good' or 'Bad' is alright, but we need to be informed what's good and what's not good.

Most of the soft drink manufacturers mention that the drink contains no natural fruit juices. I wish someone gives us a detailed analysis of contents of soft drinks so that we can find out if they are really good or bad.

What do you think, friends?
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Jul 6, 2008
The problem is the power of advertising of these soft drink beverages. The youth today would tend to prefer soft drinks over water for their daily intake of liquids.

Sorry for the lack for technical info in my post 😉
anjaneai • Jul 26, 2008
i agree they were never good..

but have you thought does it really matters anymore to anyone.
after that pesticides scandal.everyone thought that its the enbd of soft drinks but i didnt happen.they have flourished all over again!

so the conclusion is that even though we critise it whenever asked but we will keep consuming it at random occasions .

we should first analyse and take action on our own attitude towards such things .

enough of lecture.
see you guys 😉
well at no point they are healthy but poeple accepted it as a thisrt quenchers,ask BABA RAMDEV,he can give better lectures....have anyone cleaned there toilet using soft-drinks???

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