Soft Computing Vs. Hard Computing

what is the difference b/w soft and hard computing?? 😁


  • sookie
    Hi piyushcs, a very good question asked. πŸ˜€

    As per my knowledge and understandings, "Soft computing" is just automating process of computation. "Hard computing" means you are just doing computation process according to your needs only. For eg. there are kind of problems[identifying vowels and counting them in any given sentence] which a human brain can compute very easily. This is an example of "Soft Computing". Our human brain scans vowels and counts them in seconds. Now coming to "Hard computing" - you make a program for this same above scenario and run it. That is part of "Hard Computing". You are telling the computer -just a box to compute(or process) according to your needs. So that kind of computing is a part of "Hard computing". "Soft computing" is much much times faster than "Hard Computing". Basic constituents of "Soft Computing" include Fuzzy Logic , Neural computing, Evolutionary computation, Machine learning and probabilistic reasong etc.

    Hard computing can be made analogy to "Hard Coding" and Soft Computing to "Soft coding" [Oops !Is there any "Soft coding" kind of word. πŸ˜› ]

    Check this out for more information about #-Link-Snipped-#

    PS: Feel free to correct(or add) if any wrong information imparted.

    [ Addendum:
    Disclaimer: Please don't believe in information/example shared in this post blindly. May be it is misguiding. It is just an outcome of my own way of thinking. No sources were referred for it.

    Thanks !
  • debu
    @sookie: Great info! Thanks 😁, learned something new today.


    Debu πŸ˜€
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Yep, thanks for the information, sookie 😁
  • Sahithi Pallavi
    Sahithi Pallavi
    Thanks for your information sookie..!

  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Ok, So where is hard computing used? i mean when Soft computing is dong a good job, why do we have to use hard computing anyway?
  • sookie
    Ok, So where is hard computing used? i mean when Soft computing is dong a good job, why do we have to use hard computing anyway?
    First thing who says "Soft computing is doing good job" - any examples please? Soft computing depends on intelligence and logistics[as I tried to mention it in my last post also] and thus varies accordingly. We can say, it is unreliable at times until the researchers have full control on this field so for the time being "Hard Computing" is used at places. If majority of people will keep on focussing more on "Hard computing" only and ignoring "Soft computing" I doubt it can have a good future. πŸ˜”

    Correct if wrong. Thanks !
  • durga ch
    durga ch

    I assumed that Soft computing is already in place and also assumed that since its more fast it should be doing a better job than Hard computing keeping aside the logical part of it. Sorry about that! From what you say , I think hard computing is more of customised programming. Ah! in that case, Soft computing would actaully need v ery intricate programming as each and every detail funcationality which might be very much varied needs to be considered. hmm..

    Thanks for the info!I have learnt something new😁
  • cloudjobs001
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  • KJCS
    Great info!!!!
    But could you please elaborate which type of automatic process we actually used for computation. Is it really independent of need?? If Yes, then how??
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    From what I am reading on the internet, hard computing needs a specific analytical model and more computing time as compared to soft computing which work even with approximations such as uncertain conditions or half truth. That leads me to compare soft computing to the complex human brain.

    Would love to read more views on this.
  • @ramu3388
    When a precise mathematical cannot be formulated and your data is prone to errors there soft computing is helpful.soft computing techniques may not give us an exact result but they will give better result.
  • Khezar Hayat
    Khezar Hayat
    Soft Computing gives approximation values answer (Half Correct). Also Soft Computing use where we want future Prediction.
    In our daily routine life , we face many problems which have no exact solution then there we use Soft computing.
    e.g If a bus accident occurs at a distance from you then you can only guess that how many passengers are injured or Died.
    In cricket match LB decision, In Whether Report news.

    Hard Computing gives exact values , for example Calculator etc...
  • Amit Jha
    Amit Jha
    Ankita mam has made a nice analogy between human brain and soft-computing.
    What i would like to add is that soft computing is basically a method to determine a step-wise algorithm or a (to mimic )working model that produces results with low tolerance and deviations from the results as supposed to be generated by the original system whose precise step-wise model is unknown.
    Example- Think of a smart Air conditioner that adjusts the room temperature according to your convenience. So what it does that it senses the room temperature and adjusts the temperature level according to your comfort.It looks through a piece of data sets (mines the data that contains at what temperatures you have altered the settings of the AC in the past) and generates a dynamic model that instructs the AC to change the temperature as you would be doing it.It wont perform in an exact way but it will try to match and re write itself from its previous experiences.

    Hard computing is a method where a detailed model wise algorithm of a system or a process is known.The system whose behavior we want to mimic , that behavior can be easily converted into a well defined algorithmic steps.
    Example-A normal AC. We want that AC to maintain the room temperature at 24 degree Celsius. It will just sense the room temperature and when it will obtain the result that the temperature has been achieved it will close the compressor.Again when the room temperature will increase it will sense and will direct the compressor to start again and thus in this way it will perform a constricted step bound process.Even if its winter unless you vary the temperature set point it will keep maintaining that 24 degree Celsius.

    Further more as mentioned in the previous answers soft computed models takes more time to execute than that of Hard Computed ones because they are dynamic in nature.
    Further more hard computed systems understands only two well defined states- i,e either true(1) or false(0) or crisp logic whereas in soft computed systems there is no well defined states -it can acquire any probabilistic value from 0 to 1.The system tries to execute or adapt to the process whose chance is more. They obeys the laws of fuzzy mathematics.

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