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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 13, 2015

Snapdeal Refund In 60 Minutes

Snapdeal will now issue refunds in just 60 minutes! What typically takes about 7 to 10 business days has now been shortened to just an hour by Snapdeal. Snapdeal, a top competitor to Flipkart and Amazon has taken a step which I think has the potential to really change the way people 'experience' the shopping. The move will not only attract new buyers, but will also provide an additional peace of mind to the regular buyers.

The company announced the new policy through a blog post. Here's what you all need to know about the new policy:-
  • The refund will be issued to the customer within 1 hour of the receipt of the product by Snapdeal.
  • The system is completely automated, API based and real time.
  • It uses the IMPS technology for issuing refunds. IMPS stands for immediate payment service which is supported by majority of the banks. It allows you to instantly transfer money to any account almost immediately at any point of time, 24x7.
  • All the customers using the CoD feature will be able to avail the new facility.
  • This facility works even on the bank holidays.
The Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal, Anand Chandrasekaran says that they hope the customers will never request a refund; but acknowledges that it's an important part of the business and end-user experience. He says that Snapdeal's refund policy allows it to make refunds very speedy. With the new policy in place, about 85% of the refunds are processed within the first 30 minutes of receiving the product at Snapdeal facility.

The system also supports 100% failover mechanism, which means the payment system will automatically switch back to NEFT, in case the IMPS reports failure. In such a case, the user will be informed and the payment will be delivered as per the NEFT schedule.

This is just one of the steps Snapdeal has taken to ensure a better customer experience. Earlier this year, in June, it partnered with GoJavas - the pan-India logistics company, to launch reverse pickups in flat 90 minutes. This new initiative allowed any users to get the product picked up in just 90 minutes after intimating Snapdeal. The service is functional in about 15 major cities in India.

Recently, I had to return a product I ordered from Amazon. Amazon took several days to make the refund as they kept waiting for the product to reach back their wearhouse. I had to contact the customer care support, who immediately released the payment; while the product was still to reach their facility.

We've had many of CEans complain about the poor service from Snapdeal in the recent times. Do you think the new policy will bring more customers to Snapdeal? Do you have any experiences to share?
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Sep 13, 2015
Sorry if I sound negative, but does that mean SnapDeal gets way too many refund requests every day? ☕ They must have decided to take the move based on the number of refund related complaints they are receiving. A friend recently faced a similar problem. She ordered a Tshirt from SnapDeal and though the color she chose was 'Red', the delivered the Tee in Blue. Now she wanted to use it for some event over the coming weekend. Now even though she contacted the customer service and got them to agree to replace it, they said it would arrive 7 days later, so she demanded the refund.
Now, the refund would take 7 days to process. So, she couldn't use her limited bank balance to buy another tee in that short time.
I think refund in 60 minutes is really a big boon.

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