@Mohanraj D • 10 Mar, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Smart Womens Security system
The project focuses on developing a wireless band. The band is used to reduce abuses against women by monitoring the number of women in a particular area and providing necessary police patrol. This will reduce the crime rate notably.
Monitoring is keenly observed during night times where crime rate against women is high. Suppose when a woman meets an abuse scenario or a medical emergency she needs to press the emergency switch/by an automated method the current location is tracked by GPS and alerts are sent to police control and her family by using GSM.
For a prototype model RFID technology is used to count the number of woman. RFID tag in the band which will be read by RFID readers in particular area will be sent to the police control room. Since it gives only count values, privacy is maintained and only when a woman faces emergency her identity will be known.
Also pressure sensor in the band will indicate whether the band is being damaged or not. In this case a red alert message in a periodic update will be issued that the particular women is under attack.
In this era of wearable technologies and limitations of mobiles at all time, there's no doubt that this band will provide and reduce abuses against women.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Even when the world evolves day by day, sexual abuse against women doesn't decrease. Instead it increases day by all over the world. Conventional security systems doesn't provide much solution to this social problem. Hence to provide a possible solution by using a wireless band that will be cost effective and easy to use which will reduce the crime rate against women. It can also be used in case of medical emergency of that women. Since this is an era of wearable technology , this band concept can be used in versatile applications as well as future enhancements is much possible in all dimensions of the needy world. I've chosen this project because providing a solution to one of the most important social problem will make me happy as well as will make the world more peaceful than today's world.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: RMD Engineering college
City: Thiruvallur Dist.
State: Tamilnadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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