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Smart Traffic Control Using MSP430

Question asked by SUKANYA.V in #Coffee Room on Jan 22, 2015
SUKANYA.V · Jan 22, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : As we know the usage of vehicles increases day by day in large urban areas causing heavy traffic in signals. In conventional traffic control system there may be situations where GREEN signal is ON in a LOW FLOW lane for a pre-set time, even when there are no vehicles in that lane and RED signal is ON in the HIGH FLOW lane, though there are vehicles available. Hence the vehicles in the HIGH FLOW lane can move only after the pre-set time runs out, though there are no vehicles in the LOW FLOW lane which leads to increase in density of vehicles in HIGH FLOW lane. The idea proposed here employs dynamic time management algorithm which avoids such contradictions.According to this idea the above mentioned contradiction can be eliminated using a PIR Sensor and a MSP430. If there are no vehicles in the LOW FLOW lane, it is detected using the PIR Sensor. The MSP430, which is programmed accordingly, switches the traffic light facilitating the flow of vehicles in the HIGH FLOW lane. If there are vehicles in the LOW FLOW lane the MSP430 maintains the vehicle movement in the LOW FLOW lane until the pre-set time runs out. Hence uniform traffic flow is maintained.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : 1.This project will be of great use in areas where there will be an intersection of a high flow and a low flow road.
2.This reduces the manual work of a Traffic police in switching the Traffic lights.
3.If this system is implemented worldwide it helps to eradicate the contradictions in traffic management thereby saving time, fuel, money and also in controlling pollution.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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