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Smart Farming e-Monitoring System

Question asked by SURESH V S in #Coffee Room on Mar 25, 2016
SURESH V S · Mar 25, 2016
Project Abstract / Summary : IDEATION

My ingenious idea and pragmatic plan deals with the development of ‘Smart Farming e-Monitoring System’ which is an organized 'Electronic' monitoring scheme in the Agriculture sector that aims to bring a digitized sphere in monitoring the agricultural lands. The objective of this project is the farmers can monitor his agriculture lands by using his mobile phone. Smart farming brings out the concept of Internet of Things through which he monitors the data obtained from the sensors. IoT sensors capable of providing farmers with information about crop yields, rainfall, pest infestation, and soil nutrition are invaluable to production and offer precise data which can be used to improve farming techniques.This project is useful for the upcoming younger generations because they don't know the agricultural parameters how it is to be measured.Now with the help of this project they can monitor their lands through his mobile phones and they can take necessary steps before itself to solve the problems in the field.


The problems facing by farmers in agriculture is they were struggling hard in the agricultural fields round the clock. In the agricultural sector, water pumps are used for irrigating small tracts of land from tube wells or open wells. Agriculture receives power mostly during mid night as this reduces the cost of electricity supply for the transmission and Distribution Company. The farmers have to be on their guard all the time due to the unpredictable nature of supply of electrical energy. And the farmers have to switch on their motor after electricity supply resumes.

Due to their negligence, sometimes they switch on the motor and then forget to switch off, which may lead to wastage of water. To overcome this problem, we are going for ‘Smart Farming e-Monitoring System’ to monitor the real time farming processes with critical historical data, such as weather events, climate changes, resources' availability, economics, product information.


In this project the sensors (Moisture Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity sensor, Light sensor, Flow sensor) which will be placed in the field and able to monitor amount of light falling on the plants, Temperature and Humidity level, water flow rate and the moisture content in the soil. When the moisture content in the soil is too low, the system will give command to switch ON the motor and water the soil. The flow meter monitors the water consumption. In this project we are using Solar panel to run the motor, Electricity is not needed and no manual operation is needed to Switch on the motor.

The data obtained from the sensors will be send to the Cloud where the farmer can monitor the status of his land, availability of water and light intensity. Based on the moisture content, the Water Pump will be automatically Switched ON for watering the plant. Finally the Notification message will be send to the Farmer’s Mobile regarding the amount of water flows to the land. This Project enables precision agriculture in order to maximize food production, minimize environmental impact and reduce costs. In this project Soil testing has to be done automatically based on the moisture and pH level of the soil, it intimate the farmer stating that how much amount of fertilizers should be used and what crop should be cultivated in the soil in order to get a maximum yield. This proposed idea of ‘Smart Farming e-Monitoring System' turning out to be an eye-opener to the whole world considering the realistic and innovative prospects offered in the domain.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : For upcoming generations this cool stuff will be useful to monitor fields with the help of their mobiles.So that they can improve their farming techniques by analyse the data obtained.

A younger generation can help introduce new technologies whilst also learning from traditional methods, holding the potential to offer the perfect fusion of new and traditional solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Project Highlights : This project explains the problem facing by every farmers in their agricultural fields and it come up with the new innovative solution to tackle the problems.Farmers can use their mobile to monitor their fields situation.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Participating Team From: Third Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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