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@DNYANESHWAR123 • 04 Mar, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Examination is an assessment intended to measure the knowledge, skills, aptitude, physical fitness or administered orally, on paper, on a computer or in a confined area that requires an examinee to physically perform a set of skills. The history of examination is very wide. The first a nationwide standardized test was implemented in China, which was called the imperial examination. The main purpose of this examination was to select able candidates for different governmental positions. The imperial examination was established in 605 AD. And then after different countries adopted the examination systems. England had adopted this examination system in 1806 to select the applicants for positions in Civil Services. This examination system was later applied to education and became a worldwide standard.

Every year news flashes in newspaper and television during the time of examination that the exam is being postponed/cancelled due to the leakage of question papers. Many times the leakage of question papers will not be known to the universities. In such conditions some students get good ranks by these leaked papers and those students who had worked hard have to compromise with less rank. This factor will have negative effect on the growth of the society Thus by considering the problems faced by the students and society a system has to be implemented which will help to detect and prevent the leakage of question papers.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : The idea behind the proposed system is the electronic protection derived from modern day equipment like Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Electronic lockers and other security enhanced electronic systems. This system involves the integration of certain electronic peripherals that work on technologies based on GSM,I2C,UARTetc. To stop the malpractice of question paper leakage,we propose a system called “SMART ELECTRONIC BOX FOR PAPER LEAKAGE DETECTION”. In the proposed system, an electronic device detects and prevents examination paper leakages. In this system the question papers will be sent to the examination centers in the electronically locked boxes. The boxes will be opened by authentic user only on predefined date and time. The question papers are actually present in sub boxes which are password protected. The examination controller will send a message containing password to open individual sub boxes. When the password, date and timing matches, the box will open through a motorized mechanism. This will help the papers to remain locked and sealed till the time of examination. IR sensors are used to detect any sort of unauthorized tampering and this information is sent to concerned authorities through GSM interface in real time. This project is implemented to detect and prevent the leakage of question papers in examination systems. It can be modified to protect some secret and confidential documents related to national security, property documentary, commercial secrets etc. Thesame system can also use for protection of valuables in logistic systems.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Sanjivani Rular Education Society's College of Engineering ,Kopargaon
State: Maharastra
Participating Team From: Final Year

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