Small Talk With Mr. Jacque Fresco – Re-engineering The World With ‘The Venus Project’

Check out the small talk here: #-Link-Snipped-#

Looking forward to your comments in this thread.


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Re: Small Talk With Mr. Jacque Fresco – Re-engineering The World With ‘The Venus Proj

    Totally awesome. I would like to join TVP and already created an account. 😀 Thanks CE for this Interview.
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    Re: Small Talk With Mr. Jacque Fresco – Re-engineering The World With ‘The Venus Proj

    May be I got the whole concept wrong - but with that calculated risk of sidetracking I have few apprehensions though I agree with this idealistic concept.
    To some extent I feel exchange of money with goods, puts a limit on overutilisation of commodity. For example- what will happen if water is free ? I agree water needs to be free , but for only those who use it consciously. For peopl who limitlessly waste water in every small chore they do and the only consicous feeling which stops them from wasting water is the 'water bill'. Same is with Petrol - imagine what will hapepn if petrol was free??? we are already running out of petroluem resources and petrol being 'free' will result in over pollution of the place as everyone avaliable would drive when they can wlak or cycle .
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    Re: Small Talk With Mr. Jacque Fresco – Re-engineering The World With ‘The Venus Proj

    I posted this at the small talk site:

    The TVP store is selling stuff for $$$. The byline says that the proceeds will go for furtherance of IVP. IVP needs money to keep going. There seems to be no hard core engineering teams in areas of engineering which are essential to achieve the aims of IVP.
    To take one example, back in the early 70s we did some work on solar desalination by evaporation/condensation. Excluding the time spent in design and fabrication, even using the lowest cost materials we ended up with a cost of materials of Rs.300/ to get about 4 litres drinkable water/day/ It would cost much more today. How can such a technology be deployed on a global scale without any compensation to whoever does the work, produces the components and the raw materials?
    When IVP itself is trying to garner resources by online sale for money, how do they plan doing away with it? The goals are laudable. Achievable?
  • silverscorpion
    Re: Small Talk With Mr. Jacque Fresco – Re-engineering The World With ‘The Venus Proj

    I'm quoting from the small talk here:

    "By eliminating planned obsolescence and the replication of the same products by many different manufactures and by surpassing the need for advertising, sales, lawyers, business personnel, bankers and all of the other non-productive profession we could easily provide many more goods and services to all people."

    In my understanding, what is being advocated is, all corporations will be abolished (anyway, if there is going to be no money, there won't be any business institutions as well, right?), and all products and services will be provided by a single player. That is, why have many different people manufacturing the same product or giving the same service? Instead, replace all of them with a single institution which will manufacture the said goods or give the service.

    But the problem here is, who will govern that single institution? As others have pointed out, let's take water. How will it be distributed to all people? How will fairness to all be assured?
    Or, take cars.. Since we dont want many manufacturers to manufacture the same cars, we will close all of them, and some centralized institution will take up the making of cars. But since there wont be a concept of money, how will the manufactured cars be distributed? Will everyone get a car? One for a family? what are the rules? These questions can be asked of every single product and service.

    Basically, I don't understand the concept of a resource based economy at all. It'll be good if someone explained how it will be practically implemented, if at all such a time comes.

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