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Rajni Jain
Rajni Jain • May 16, 2014

SiO2 nano-tubes based battery lasts three time longer than standard ones

Group of researchers from University of California , Riverside (Bourns College of Engineering) used a material found in Silly Putty and surgical tubing, for making lithium ion batteries that lasts three time longer than the standard batteries available in market.

This is a significant step towards deciding the future of rechargeable batteries.

Silicon polymer and battery used for the research.

Rather than using Carbon anodes they used SiO2 nano tubes for these batteries as SiO2 nano tubes have amazing capacity to store the charge (Approximately 3 times the normal one). The researcher group selected SiO2 as material as it is abundant in nature (generally used in Kids toyz and medical devices), non-toxic and environment friendly and has amazing capacity to store the charge.

Schematic representation of the fabrication process for SiO2 NTs.

Professor Cengiz S. Ozkan, mechanical engineering and Mihrimah Ozkan, electrical engineering has figured out that these SiO2 nano tubes are extremely stable in batteries and during their project they recycled these batteries 100 times with negligible capacity fading. Scientist believe that these batteries can be recycled at least 100 times further as well.

Now, the next challenge, is to develop a method for commercializing the production of SiO2 nano tubes based batteries. Do you believe that these batteries will ensure a better future of rechargeable batteries.

The research is supported by Temiz Energy Technologies.

Source: SiO2 Nano tubes

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