Single Wheel ---- & ----- 'DRIVE'

Yes U get It Correct . First of its Prototype Single Wheel Self Balancing Electric motorcycle is the next great invention in Moto World that Can be used / parked anywhere (Office,Home, Parks) .Now Driving will be preferred against walking for daily chores

This has been the brain child of Chris Hoffmann. who took Seven Years to bring his dreams into reality.

The RYNO - Having less than half the length of a bicycle is a single wheeled Self Balancing electric motorcycle .


Some of Its Silent Feature are:

10 Miles of Travel on full charge
Spped : Upto 10 MPH
Adjustable Seats
Shock Absorbers
LED Lamps
Custom Steel Fame
Full Charging Time: 6 Hours

Seems good to me . What's your view Guys?

Source : RYNO Motors


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Vikram S Bargah
    Full Charging Time: 6 Hours

    Seems good to me . What's your view Guys?

    Source : RYNO Motors
    Charging time seems quite long and mileage seems too short for a 6 hours charge time.

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