Single Molecule LED Developed By Researchers To Be The Tiniest

Do not freak out if your gadgets' screens get tinier than the usual ones. The findings of researchers suggest that the LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have successfully assumed the smallest possible size. Guillaume Schull and his colleagues at University of Strasbourg in France have successfully developed first ever single-molecule LED. Researchers used a single polythiophene wire between a scanning tunneling microscope and gold surface to create the device.


Polythiphene, the material used to develop large number of LEDs comprises of hydrogen, carbon and sulfur and is a good conductor of electricity. While working on the device, scientists pulled up a molecule of the substance to stretch it like a wire from scanning tunneling microscope to the gold substrate. As soon as current was passed through the wire it emitted light. It should be noted that the device emits light for unidirectional current. Scientists could observe emergence of one photon for 100,000 electrons when large negative voltage was applied.The emission was too little for the reverse polarity. Organic LEDs have been present for a while now, but this one at the molecule level looks set to define a new age.

LEDs or light emitting diodes have carved their way to the display devices over the period of time and have become a preferred choice of light emitters. Though it is too early to predict the market viability of this development, the experiment at such minuscule level is sure to excite the visionaries of the electronic world, as migration to LEDs is the new fade.

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