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@Ankita Katdare • 09 Feb, 2014 • 2 likes
TeLEOS-1 is the first commercial remote sensing satellite being developed by Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) to be launched in 2015. It has come to light that for the first time this satellite be launched on an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) in collaboration with ISRO. This earth observation satellite will be moving in the orbit near to the Equator at an orbital height of about 550km and will be used for capturing images for shipping and maritime security. The TeLEOS-1 weighs about 400 kg and will have an update rate of 90 minutes and the satellite images that it provides will be of 1 metre ground sampling distance from an electro-optics camera.

ST Electronics is going to work with India's Antrix Corporation Ltd. for the satellite's launch and has signed an agreement for the same. This is not the first time that Singapore is working with India on their mission. Back in April 2011, they had launched their first experimental satellite called XSAT. So, this is their second project in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organisation. Partnering with ST Electronics on this project's development are Nanyang Technological University and Defence Science Organisation Laboratories. The uses of the images captured through this satellite will be used in multiple applications such as mineral exploration, environmental monitoring, agriculture resource studies and management, urban planning, precision farming and homeland security.


As this news develops, the news has also surfaced that Singapore Technologies will be working with ATK Space Systems (the company known for building small satellites primarily for U.S. government) for development and marketing of their micro-satellite platforms globally.

The development of TeLEOS-1 satellite should be complete by the fourth quarter of 2015 and then it will become launch ready. Till then, we will keep you updated with more details about the project that shall follow.

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