Singapore HetNet To Offer Seamless Switching Between 3G Or 4G To Wi-Fi Networks

Singapore might be the first nation to launch the heterogeneous network (HetNet) across the country to offer users of mobile data with seamless switching between cellular (3G or 4G) and Wi-Fi Networks. Depending on which network offers better bandwidth, users will be able to switch automatically between available networks. Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore's Communications and Information Minister revealed this as a part of the Infocomm Media Masterplan during his Ministry's Committee of Supply debate in the Parliament. The plan also aims at making Singapore a "Smart Nation" by 2025.

While the current Next-Gen Nationwide Broadband Network has provided infrastructure that has met the needs of fixed line access, Dr. Yaacob said the spectrum to support wireless Internet access is a limited resource around the world. Operators should be able to achieve better management of traffic in their wireless networks using HetNet. A heterogeneous network will make it possible to connect computers and other devices with different operating systems and/or protocols.


Among the other ideas presented, it seems that the the committee is also planning to tap the potential of sensors to make home-based healthcare more viable, making lives of caregivers and medical professionals easier and work faster. Imagine an application where floor mats in homes or hospitals are embedded with sensors that help check patient's weight, temperature and other such useful data for diagnosis.

What are your thoughts on having a nationwide hetnet introduction program? Share with us in comments.

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