SIGCSE 2012 at 500 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh on Feb 29, 2012

SIGCSE 2012 brings together colleagues from around the world to present papers, panels, posters, special sessions, and workshops, and to discuss computer science education in birds-of-a-feather sessions and informal settings.

The SIGCSE Technical Symposium addresses problems common among educators working to develop, implement and/or evaluate computing programs, curricula, and courses. The symposium provides a forum for sharing new ideas for syllabi, laboratories, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy, at all levels of instruction.

The three-sided conference theme, "Teaching, Learning, and Collaborating," commemorates North Carolina's renowned "Research Triangle" where SIGCSE 2012 will be held. Teaching, learning, and collaborating occur inside and outside of the classroom, among various combinations of students, academics, industry professionals, and others.


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