Should you go for Scope or Interest while choosing a branch?

I know a lot of juniors must be worried/curious about which Engineering branches to chose which is most suitable for their career? Psychometric tests are a popular option for that .. 😀

Came across this site made by seniors from BITS, Pilani and COEP, Pune > #-Link-Snipped-#


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I don't get how people determine the 'scope' of any branch. The 'scope' is usually determined by what people (who are equally clueless) say. Years ago, when I was deciding to take up engineering, people said "mechanical engineering is ever green (meaning, you will get job for sure, hah!). Then computers were booming so people said 'go with CS'. I knew I loved electricity - so I opted for electrical engineering.

    Psychometric tests, in my opinion, are useless and anyone can easily cheat them. The rule of thumb is that one should choose the engineering branch of his/her interest. If electronic and electrical stuff fascinates you - go with Electrical or Electronics or E&TC. If automobiles get your attention - go with mechanical/automobile engineering. If construction projects draw you to them, go with Civil or structural engineering. If you like chemistry - Chemical engineering is for you.

    It's very easy to decide. The first step always is to find out what you like and whether 'engineering' entices you.
  • Aditya Rao
    Aditya Rao
    I agree with you on the scope part.. well said! 😀
    But good Psychometric tests are designed to not allow gaming of the test -

    1. It is not a performance test i.e. there are no winners or losers. Hence test takers seldom lie
    2. There are times when a test taker would like to give a socially desirable answer instead of the correct answer - but there are roadblocks in the test which confirm his previous answers by throwing safe scenarios in the same way.

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