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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 11, 2017

Should we believe 'scientific studies'?

As a technology blogger, I've to keep up to date with all things technology and science and in the last few years of blogging, I've found out something - the 'scientific studies' that are published by the Universities are often refuted and new studies are put out. Maybe that's how it's meant to be; but I'm now wondering if we should really believe these studies.

The point I'm trying to make is how little we know about things around us. The though comes after latest finding that says life existed on Earth 580 million years before what scientists believed it to be.

Maybe the strongest argument out there can be our brains are not evolved enough to understand the 'reality' around us. Our science tries to make sense out of the things that we can 'sense'. But maybe the actual 'reality' could be entirely different than what we can 'sense'.

I secretly believe that in future everything we believe would be challenged. All the 'science' will be proven to be super different from what we think it is.

I was just loud thinking. Would love to hear your thoughts.
My children, wife and I firmly believe in Sinclair Lewis's 'the Creed of the Scientist' as stated by the character Gottlieb in his book:"Martin Arrowsmith".
God give me unclouded eyes and freedom from haste. God give me a quiet and relentless anger against all pretense and all pretentious work and all work left slack and unfinished. God give me restlessness whereby I may neither sleep nor accept praise until my observed results equal my calculated results or in pious glee I discover and assault my error. God give me the strength not to trust in God!
A scientist thinks of various things and proposes a hypothesis and sets out to check it objectively without bias. It may or may not pan out. Sometimes, when things do not pan out the worker is so convinced of his/her concept that further work is done.

That is how the startling discoveries of quantum physics came about.
Unless fraudulently done that is how science progresses. One step forward, many steps backward some times and a giant leap forward occasionally.
durga ch
durga ch • May 22, 2017
Theory-something that can be verified. Cannot be proved or disproved.
The process of establishing/ disputing a theory is scientific research.
A theory might be found valid today and might be declared invalid tomorrow.
So whatever is being put forth as science findings can very well discarded tomorrow.
Ever wondered why there are studies which are titled-'Einstein's theory holds true.....', because scientific community thrives on revalidations.

Apart from doing it the science way- I don't know in what other way this can be achieved

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