Should independence day be a national *holiday*?

I love to get into debates and here's yet another debate I had with my friend -

Should independence day be a national *holiday*?

The asterisks around the word 'holiday' indicate that the focus is not on word 'national'.

You've the topic, you have your own thoughts, you've your own experience and your word matters. We are read by thousands of technical & brilliant people.

The mic is yours, shout!


  • technospartan
    thats a great topic to have a debate biggie! well then we first have to think what is the significance of "INDEPENDENCE DAY" do we really need to celebrate it??? ( sounds the dumbest question in the world.right?). independence day really is a great day for gain independence is a sign of a constant & spontanoeous struggle by the people (extraordinary people ofcourse).& yes such a day must really really be celebrated.& maybe holiday (national holiday) is one of the best ways to celebrate it
  • Differential
    IMHO, yes, it should be.......
    An Independence day is surely a great day for a country and its people. They want to celebrate it, for which they need a holiday !!

  • gohm
    In most countries it is a holiday and why not? Does not mean you HAVE to celebrate.
  • silverscorpion
    Independence day is a day for all of us to cherish and celebrate, because it reminds us of the struggle and toil that our ancestors put to achieve it. We should think about what would be our plight if that hard earned freedom hadn't been achieved. But as to whether it has to be a holiday, I'm not sure.
    Some of us engineers are working on independence day too. And some of us are celebrating American Independence, because that's when they gat a holiday. Anyway, I feel we can celebrate independence day in our workplaces itself. I think this should be encouraged. And i dont think it's absolutely necessary for independence day to be a holiday, national or not..
  • neo1786
    yeah being a holiday reminds us of our great freedom fighters.............heard tht todays world,seriously????Independence Day marks one of the greatest struggles in any nations history......It has great significance.........plz explain to me how "getting up late...snoozing all day....hanging out wit friends"(general holiday activities)..........does justice to the freedom struggle or us achieving independance........
  • neo1786
    we can hav no....not like the one in front of lal talking bout local parades.........whr in people within a city come together n celebrate.........enact epic battles fought by freedom fighters.........tht wud bring ppl together,it is a celebration and justifies the wud be more fun than attending a flag hoisting ceremony.........wat say???
  • Rucha Wankhede
    Rucha Wankhede
    India being such a diverse country we got a lot of holidays, state and national including. So there is really no dearth of them unlike in western world. It should be a holiday; though doesnt mean we are logically entitled to spend it as a one. Nobody of course expects us to immerse ourselves in doing patriotic deeds all day long either. Remembrance and a silent genuine acknowledgement in your heart would do, about the country,the ills that continue to plague it endlessly, and your small part in helping cure those anyway possible. A small attitude or behavioural change or even a mindset change could go a long way on our part.We underestimate its significance most of the times.
    Holiday mode away from the tensions of daily grind can help us do it effectively. This can be seen as a contemporary connotation of the day, when you have no Britishers to drive out or sacrifice your life for. Its easy just requires a bit of determination and resolve of mind with less of the cynicism we have all come to harbor now-a-days somehow. Great way to enjoy a holiday I guess😀

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