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Should IITJEE become subjective ?

Question asked by animalanmol in #Coffee Room on Mar 12, 2012
animalanmol · Mar 12, 2012
Earlier IITJEE paper used to be subjective and the paper was all about solving problems and applications of concepts. Nowadays i hear professors saying that IITJEE is becoming more focused on time management and speed and general level of questions is going down. So should IITJEE be made subjective to make it more engineering and science inclined? Posted in: #Coffee Room
circularsquare · Mar 19, 2012
Rank C2 - EXPERT
My dear friend , there are plans to scrap IIT-JEE from 2013 onwards. Most unfortunate.
Since it is going to die a violent bureaucratic death, there is no question of any objectivity or subjectivity.
Dead beings stay dead.
mjpankaj · May 30, 2012
No guys if IIT JEE is made subjective students appearing will lose their most of the exam time in writing explanation for the procedure.....when we solve a problem more then 40 % of it is done in mind and if it is subjective paper u have to write that down wasting the time.....
Sanket0731 · Dec 11, 2012
objective pattern is better because its comfortable for both students and teachers....
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Apr 6, 2013
Rank A1 - PRO
I read a news item two days ago, that states that IIT-B has suggested that the JEE-Advanced should include a subjective test in the second stage of the exam from next year.
Admissions for IITs will be determined by a JEE (Main) for all candidates followed by a JEE (Advanced) for the top 1.5 lakh candidates drawn from the first test.
The paper will have objective-type multiple-choice questions. There will be one main paper (30 percent) and one advanced paper (30 percent) for each subject. Students will sit for the main paper in the morning and advanced in the afternoon. Psychometry experts will help in setting the paper.

If this news is true, I would like to know what is the opinion of JEE aspirants. Do you think this gives the students a fair chance at admission?
LJ1996 · May 22, 2013
IIT JEE Aspirant 2014: - At one side it gives the examiner the clear understanding of what the student knows and how he or she applies that knowledge but the fact is that we need to know what answer comes out to be finally and that is what is required and can be derived through various ways so it is helpful for saving a lot of precious correction time of the teachers and writing time of the students but also it is ambiguous whether an answer is by fluck or by knowledge. Each part has its own ups and downs. Rather JEE should opt for sections and have one objective paper and another subjective paper, getting the full idea of the student. Also one option can be first giving out the objective paper, asking the student to apply knowledge and tick the correct answer. After this paper is taken from the candidate he/she should be given a subjective paper with the same questions and asked to solve it by methods. Then a verification can be done checking every question of what a candidate has used in every question. This can be time consuming but yet effective.

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