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@demetron • 25 Jul, 2012 • 1 like
i am BE (comp. sc.) passed out 60.4% with 2 years of gap (i screw it,i agreed) and i am thinking of doing a "Diploma in Advanced Computing" course from CDAC , do you think after that there will be any chance of getting placed in companies. I mean is it worth risking Rs. 79,000/- 😐
@Kaustubh Katdare • 25 Jul, 2012 CDAC has been a renowned course and has a track record of placements. But getting the right center, of course is important and I believe that requires you to crack their entrance exam. Do a quick review online of the centers which attract more companies for placements and make sure you get admitted. The overall course fee should be worth it.

Lot of people have have been discussing about the scores and centers in this thread: , might be useful to you 😀
@demetron • 08 Aug, 2012 thanks for the reply but center and score are the next step first i have to decide whether or not to aim for it,my biggest concern is even if i perform good their do companies allow me to seat in placement sessions mentioning my year gap and low percentage?
is anybody here who has completed training at cdac and aware of this kind of situation plz rply.
@demetron • 17 Aug, 2012 anybody anything plz? :/
@[Prototype] • 17 Aug, 2012 • 1 like There are just tons of companies for DAC students. Yeah you'll probably face problems with renowned companies but for sure you'll be able to to sit in many other companies.

For starting out the career, don't look how big the company is or how high is the package. If you see from my view, you must actually start at the smallest company. There you'll be one of the few workers and you'll gain some real experience & challenge there.

So as far as first job is concerned, if you're offered some nice profile, join it despite of what package they are giving. Its 1000 times better to be a developer earning 8K per month than a software tester earning 20K.
@demetron • 17 Aug, 2012 thanks a ton 😀 for shedding some light atleast.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 17 Aug, 2012
Its 1000 times better to be a developer earning 8K per month than a software tester earning 20K.
...why is being a developer better than being a software test engineer?
@shadow_wolf • 11 Jan, 2013 i know this is an old thread , but i am in similar position like the person who started it , i failed twice in class 12th , on the 3rd attempt i managed to pass with only 62% marks that too from MP board , so i have 2 years of gap (?) in my education , then i am currently in 8th semester of my BE from IT branch from a private engineering college in bhopal which isnt a very good college but it does provide ok kind of placements , but i am not yet placed , i was rejected from CSC for my 2 year special gap , my 1st technical interview in persistant systems was a disaster although i was a bit unlucky too , and for a lot of companies i was not eligible , especialy TCS which recruited 150 people from my college . My problem is i cant mak up my mind , should i give up all hopes of a good profile job (one that offer growth in future unlike PHP web developer etc) in IT sector and go for bank PO or should i stick with it because i have interest in this field and i am a OK kind of programmer and my technical knowledge isnt that bad compared to my other collegues (sp?) , now i need to know if at al it is possible that what eligibility criterias do companies that visit CDAC especially ACTS pune for DAC have .
@suarkebacche • 02 Dec, 2015 To Shadow_Wolf:
This is just to let you have the correct perspective.
I passed out of CBSE in II attempt class XII with 58%, and then sat home for 2 years trying to get into a good college. When I gave all hopes of becoming even a graduate, I got admission in one private engineering college in Bhopal. Placements - nill. I screwed up again, got in trouble with college administration, and wasn't allowed to sit for 8th semester, delaying my degree as well. To top it all, I sat at home again, dreaming of clearing Management and PO exams. 2 years more wasted from the good life.
Finally, a coaching center took me in to teach management aspirants. When I joined there, my batch mates from XII already were way ahead in life. They started settling and getting married too.
Luckily, I got a break in a small software services company as a manual tester and my so called career in IT began. Once things started settling in, I also got some good calls through CAT and I fore fitted all of them to go to US for a client assignment as a manual tester.
Life flew at it's speed and today I am working as a Program Manager in a Fortune 50 tech company. Doing well in certain sorts though late.

BOTTOM LINE : Do not give up. If you think CDAC can add value, jump. Don't think . Anything you learn today always helps tomorrow. For some like us, the tide comes late, but it comes. Don't regret or look back. Its a wide ocean out there, you will find your island !

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