Shell and Tube Evaporator Design

Dear all,

Its the first time that i am designing the shell and tube type evaporator and for this i have made an excel sheet for ease of calculations but i am not sure and content whether i have done right or wrong and for this i have attached my calculation sheet for you to check and comment if i am wrong any where. My design is based on the following information:

Refrigerant = R404
Capacity = 145 kW
Liquid = 23% concentrated sodium chloride solution
Liquid in= -9 deg. Centigrade
Liquid out = -10 deg. centigrade
flow = 141 cubic meter per hour
evaporating temp = -13 deg centigrade
condensing temp = 30 deg centigrade

I request this forum to check my sheet and comment as early as possible as i have to give my design to manufacturing deptt.

Thanks in advance.

As its my first post thats why i dont know how to attach files, so plz guide me to attach the files


    Haniyah, can you post a little more information about properties of refrigerant? For example what is its calorific value?

    And post your calculation, let us check it 😀
  • haniyah
    ya i can but how can i attach files..... i dont know the way of attaching files......
  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    From the limited data given the heat balance appears correct. However, the basis for determining the number of passes, heat transfer coefficients used and such are not known.

    See here for how to attach files. You have to make a new post not quick reply. #-Link-Snipped-#
  • haniyah
    I started as a new post but moderator message me that after posting ten successive post u will automatically able to attach files.
  • haniyah
    Still waiting to get the rights from the moderator to attach the files

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