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engr.khawar • Feb 16, 2008

shear strength of break

hey, i m final year student of civil engineering.i want to ask you friends that have u any knowledge of shear strength of break.As the bricks are used in load bearing termoundous shear force is acting on it which break it in plz informe me if u have any knowlede that how can we improve its shear sttrength.hope you will answer me.😀
Curious George
Curious George • Feb 16, 2008
The only thing that comes to my mind would be to insert a thinner rebar type reinforcement into the brick during production.
civiLLian • Feb 18, 2008
You can also use steel mesh and insert it into the brick. Or you can use additives into the brick depending what type of brick it is whether clay brick or concrete brick.
engr.khawar • Feb 18, 2008
both of you friends good suggestion but it is then very uneconomical.if your ideas are used then more budget will be required.

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