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Sharing any kind of project that related with renewable energy

hello ! can someone share any kind of project renewable energy for my final year project . I have searching a lot but still i can't get enough with this . So , i need you guys to take this out. i need someone who can guide me to choose the best project and worth it . Hopefully can sharing something useful. Thank you in advance.

It is doubtful if a final year project based on solar, wind, or piezoelectricty will work because too much is going on in these areas at high investment levels.

Storage of such generated energy is still an issue. Even in this huge investment is put into the development of batteries.

You can look at converting the generated power into hydrogen gas and storing it economically for later use as fuel cells, IC engines, or direct gas heating.

However, this is more chemical engineering than electrical engineering.

Have a look at some of these publications:

alright then . Thanks for giving me some knowledge. will follow up the link for more info . thanks again Sir.

@Mohammad asyraaf , nothing much to thank for. If you do want to take this up please post here your views. Many here will try to fill it out. 

You can continue posting on this thread even if you want to do something else. We will try to help.

I shall update here if something else comes up.

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