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Rahul Jamgade
Rahul Jamgade • Dec 12, 2017

Series on Information Security (Weekly) - Part1

In today's world, IT security is extremely important . However it is also the most ignored area due to lack of understanding and lack of awareness. Ignorance may affect us financially and could dent our reputation.

The common myth is that being able to use Information System in effective way and understanding the Software usage, Apps usage, is that the people understand everything. However we tend to forget that IT is evolving everyday and hence keeping pace with it is very difficult. Specially when we talk about Information Security or Cyber Security, it has its own ecosystem as well as the people at the other end of your terminal are also exploring new techniques to defraud you. Hence I have started this series that will provide you with an overview of Cyber Security is semi-technical terms.

Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure and destruction.
It is a "state" rather than end product or end result.
Information Technology Security has three core components also known as pillars and are known as CIA triads.

i) C = Confidentiality
ii) I = Integrity
iii) A = Availability

Confidentiality: It is the assurance that the information will not be disclosed to unauthorized person or system. The reason for breach of confidentiality is due to improper handling of information.

Integrity: It assures that the information is not modified without being getting detected.
There could be various reasons for integrity to be compromised, few of them could be due to corruption of data while transaction, virus attack, faulty medium etc...

Availability: It is termed as making sure that the information is accessible whenever required.
Availability can be dependent of various factors such as no single point of failure, data availability, application reliability, power supply etc.

Though this particular part, I mentioned in one of my earlier article, but to maintain the continuity, I am re framing it.
I will provide weekly articles on the subject, stay tuned.

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