• temeroso


    MemberJul 13, 2011

    Sent safe email, hide mac adres etc



    Anyone knows about software to hide all traceble adresses in emails like Mac adress, etc?

    Purpose is not to hide as a spammer but for safety!! Email is controlled as is a lot of all stuff on the internet. (Big brother (as in BBG etc!) is defenitely watching us and I would like some help on this topic!)

    Reapeat: Not for spam purpose, for safety purpose only, sort as to protect my identety as in my life and that of so many others.........

    Please answer, I will give more details on the go

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  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman

    MemberJul 14, 2011

    Currently as per SMTP Specification, it is taken automatically and in no way you can hide them. 😔
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