Seminar presentation skills -How to deliver high impacting Seminar!

Lot of people hate presentation, it scares to dealth in many situations. But taking few time to prepare for presentation will really bring a relaxing situation for anyone.I know that , If you want to deliver relaxed & informative presentation then praticing with correct mindset is required along with the study of the topic.
Please suggest some ideas to deliver high impacting seminars.

I am listing few key points please add more :
1.First Impression - Polish your presenation with voice and body lauguage to make effectiveness.
2.Panic Free Presentation
3.Adding variety
4.Establishing Rapport with the Audience
5.Make more effective use of visual aids and multimedia technology


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    if it is a project Presentation, Use a Screen Recorder to shoot the execution of the project and place that in the slide. That gives and Extra edge and students who have listened to me in this regard have always scored more than their friends.

    You can also use some custome video clips and some documentary in the introduction section.

    Ensure that you have least minimum number of slides possible against the general believe of having more slides.

    Do not include any written text other than the points. Draw your own images for each point and just explain them. Block diagrams are

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