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abel7685 • Mar 8, 2007

Seeking for Advice

I am a newbie in the stock market and wanted to know that is it the right way to earn money. How can I make good money with that? What are the things that are required to be kept in mind? This is necessary to take the right step in right time.
marcos99n7 • Mar 8, 2007
I have been trading stocks for more than two years. So I am not a rookie in this. The style I trade is swinging trading. That is one reason I like Portfolio Crafter's trading style, which is very similar to what I am doing. If you want to earn it can help you by telling what you need to buy and what you need to sell. What amaze me about Portfolio Crafter are two things. One is the consistency of the profits, which never fall below 10%. Second is the precision of the entry & exit points. It's uncanny the way Manny enters a long at nearly day low, and exits a few days later at nearly day high; which will maximize the profit. You can find all information at their site With this kind of performance, I believe I've found the right place for my money. Since joining Portfolio Crafter 3 weeks ago, my account is already up 12%. Right now, the only wish I have is for this site to last a very long time.
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Mar 9, 2007

Advertising on CE is not allowed. We treat it as an illegal activity. Please I advise you to go through the CE new bee training post before registering any more posts.

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