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SeaStead States Concept To Be Funded By Peter Thiel, Paypal Co-Founder

Question asked by Guneet Khanuja in #Startups & Business on Sep 27, 2011
Guneet Khanuja
Guneet Khanuja · Sep 27, 2011
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When the formation of new corporation has become outdated, billionaire Peter Thiel who is the co-founder of Paypal , the investor in Silicon valley and the first investor in facebook, has now become the most charitable sponsor for the Seasteading Institute. This institute aims at creating buoyant self governing states. The idea is to bring up and encourage states that would be liberated of all social, governmental and political outlines. This idea of floating cities shall allow the future generation to rest without any disturbances. This institute marked its foundation in the year 2008 with an aim to remain neutral to overpower the diplomacy and statistical barriers. They aim to establish numerous seasteads all over the world so as to encourage new domains and boundaries to the society.


The Seasteading Institute also remarks though Mr. Peter Thiel is the most open handed donor to the institution, this would not mean that he would say aloud or overpower their arrangements. This institute has confronted all new engineers and architects to create the first state of this kind by the year 2015. The Poseidon Award is announced to the foremost seastead created which will have the capacity to accommodate at least 50 people, has in reality a political economy, would proffer zones in the open market advertise and is self- adequate. The basic conditions for such an accommodation are that it should be able to withstand a stormy weather and it should not involve rough sea locations. These houses are also expected to be expandable so as to accommodate the ever growing population, be efficiently built in cost-effective measures and be completely self-manageable.

Source: Gizmag Posted in: #Startups & Business

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