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Sculptural Pulpop MP3 Speaker Made Of Recycled Paper Pulp

Question asked by Ambarish Ganesh in #Coffee Room on Jun 3, 2012
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh · Jun 3, 2012
Rank B1 - LEADER
Balance studio has come up with a new ring-shaped Mp3 speakers formulated of recycled paper pulp, that shouts out you music directly off the desk. After the really awesome Paper Pulp Alarm Clock and the astute Trash Me Lamp, the Taipei designers are back again showing how creatively useful recycled paper is for skillful handmade eco-designs.


In spite of the fact that sound does not move through paper that well, Balance’s Wu and Chin Wang have fashioned the unusual speakers to scatter sound in an effective and continual manner. The hollow loop shape is believed to make up enough surface area to administer the sound efficiently, cleanly and easily, employing the recycled paper’s quality as a filter. Reprocessed, reusable and rough, Pulpop makes the trash sway to your favorite music. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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