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Scripting languages Bench Mark in Web development

Question asked by Rajnikant in #Coffee Room on Aug 6, 2009
Rajnikant · Aug 6, 2009
Hi Guys,

Basically there are two types web of programming languages
1. Conventional programming languages like JAVA, C#, VB.NET etc...
2. Scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, Python etc...

Scripting languages emerge well specially in web programming. They reached as some bench mark as well. for example - RoR is selected as a most emerging technology in year 2008 by InfoQ.

I want to know, such benchmark from scripting languages for web programming.

Rajnikant Posted in: #Coffee Room
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Aug 6, 2009
Rank A1 - PRO
How'd you select a benchmark programming language? Each scripting language is meant for specific purpose. So, it would be wrong to compare PERL with Javascript.

Ruby programming is no doubt one of the powerful & promising language. Rails is the platform. So Ruby might be worth considering.

Since everything's going 'Web' these days; PHP might be a good starting point. Once you gain some experience [3-4 months]; you can easily migrate to Ruby.
Rajnikant · Aug 7, 2009
Thanks The_Big_K,

I do agree with your view. There is no comparisons, I actually wants to know any bench mark that scripting languages received. Any awards, recommodation from standard body etc...

Any means any bench mark, that prove scripting languages presence and capabilities.


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