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sunilrk • Feb 10, 2012

Script to poweroff clients in lan

I need some help in writing script to poweroff client systems present in the lan from the server
durga ch
durga ch • Feb 11, 2012
... do you mean you need the server to push a script to poweroff the clients??
Hey, you can do this is two ways:

Command Mode
Open Start » Run, type cmd and press enter.
Type shutdown -m \\computername, where computername is the hostname of the computer, connected in the LAN.

GUI Mode
In the Run, type shutdown -i and press enter.
Click the "Add" box and type the name of the computer you want to shutdown or it's IP address. You can select what you want the computer to do.
In this mode, it is NECESSARY to add a comment. Finally press "OK".

Hope this helps! 😀
sunilrk • Feb 16, 2012
Yes the server should push the script to shutdown the clients

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