• Ever since Edward Snowden leaked the details of NSA’s internet snooping activities, the paranoia among the public has risen in epic proportions. The snooping is not just limited to suspicious individuals; heads of states even are being monitored via their mobile phones. US president Barack Obama even has to resort using a Blackberry smartphone as per the advice from his security team. Since smartphones are the constant targets of attackers who want to keep a track of your whereabouts Scottevest has comes up with a range of special pockets that blocks almost every signal from your smartphone making it untraceable.

    Blackout Pocket

    The Scottevest Blackout Pocket is available in three variants. The first variant titled ‘Level 1’ costs 20 US dollars has been designed to protect digital passports and credit cards from RFID snooping. The second ‘Level 2’ Blackout Pocket that costs twice as much as its predecessor acts like a Faraday cage for your smartphone. It blocks out cellular and GPS signals and claims to drop you off the grid within seconds. While most people would think keeping a phone in the airplane mode or switching it off might do the trick, the company warns that smartphones with non user-removable battery like the iPhone are still traceable by authorities. Finally the ‘Level 3’ variant which comes with an $80 price tag has been made exclusively made for “law enforcement, government and specialist organizations”. The features of this pocket are shrouded in mystery as the company has only listed the measurements of the pocket and nothing else.

    Since we have many learned minds on the forum we would request them to make an educated guess on the kinds of signals that are being blocked by the third pocket which is unavailable for the public. Head over to the comment section to post your views but before that have a look at a promotional video made by the company about the Blackout Pocket.

    Source: The Blackout Pocket is like draping Harry Potter's invisibility cloak on your phone - PhoneArena
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