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@unique_prem • 06 May, 2011
I'm doing btech in Electrical & Electronics. I want to know the core companies in this field which offer a handsome salary (around 6-8lakhs) for freshers. And also tell me the procedure for applying job in these companies.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 06 May, 2011 Hello Prem, though it is irrelevant we would like to know your aggregate percentage I think it would beneficial for those answering your query.

Have you tried for campus interview from your college?

Also just wait for a while until other CEans give answer to your query. 😀
@Reya • 06 May, 2011 prem : Do you select the companies based on salary they offer??
@narayana murthy • 06 May, 2011 hey its highly impossible to get such amount of salary for freshes in core company
i suggest you if you such a salary just go to any IT company
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 06 May, 2011 It is better and advisable to get good experience first than to go behind salary. Once you gained experience, the salary won't be a problem at all...
@cranky • 06 May, 2011 Hello unique_prem,
I have several questions before answering.
Firstly,ee is one of the vast engineering fields you can thrive into.It offers you a very large curriculum from power side to generation,distribution and analog,digital,networks,programming anything and everything circuital.
So as far as core companies are concerned-which of these fields are you looking at?
Secondly,handsome salary depends on your coll and your knowledge
As for the procedure,I am afraid I don't know clear procedures

cranky \m/
@Reya • 06 May, 2011 I never heard of any of the core companies which offers around 6-7 lakhs.

Some of the core companies like L&T,Arricent offers 4-5 lakhs 😀

To get into those core companies you should have good technical knowledge 😀
@Harshad Italiya • 06 May, 2011 From your post it seems that you want to go directly to a BIG Company. So for that first make a list of the company in electronics field which provides good salary and before applying to that company make yourself sure that how much you know and how you can represent yourself so that they can easily offer you good salary. 😀
@unique_prem • 06 May, 2011 @ Narayana Murthy- I've heard that companies like Power Grid offer salaries upto 8lakhs.. & thats why I asked dat are there more companies which offer the same..
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 06 May, 2011
@ Narayana Murthy- I've heard that companies like Power Grid offer salaries upto 8lakhs.. & thats why I asked dat are there more companies which offer the same..
They offer 8 lakhs with experience of 5+ years... 😀
@ISHAN TOPRE • 06 May, 2011 Unique_Prem: A student has nothing but his academic record to boast of. We need to get experience to get salary that you are saying.

Besides, You can get salary in millions provided that you graduate with high class marks that too from universities like IIT and other top class institutes plus you should be MBA etc. You will require an excellent profile then.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 06 May, 2011 Just as a joke, I asked Narayana Murthy that if he would give me a job, ask him perhaps he owns infosys 😛

Now jokes apart, please tell us about your academic background so that people can give you precise advise.

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