SCIT Graffiti 2011 - Biz Macrocosm : 17th & 18th September 2011

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Graffiti is the annual Techno-Managerial fest held at the SCIT. It blends various facets of business and technology in an absolutely splendid manner. The grandeur of the event is visible with exceptional participation that we receive from the students of the much renowned B-schools from all over India.
Graffiti turns 11 this year. On this occasion, we are trying to bring out the best of it with a novel concept- 'Biz Macrocosm'. We plan to unfold the cosmos of business, a combination of various events which will test the business and technical acumen.

Graffiti is a 2-day annual event to be held on 17th & 18th September 2011 and invites students from various technical and business institutions across India to participate in an array of exciting competitions.

Venue :
Address : Plot No. 15,
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
Hinjewadi, Pune-411057
Maharashtra, India

Advitiya – The Mega Event

An intoxicating and exciting hunt for something unknown and unseen; a meticulous and relentless search for something very precious. Its time to wake up to the call of 'Advitiya' and participate in mapping your time with precious money. There will be rocky paths, deep stormy oceans, dark filthy snakes and many poisonous snakes before you hit the gold mine. Each step in this journey will be treacherous and perilous. Its a call for all those people who have a brave heart engraved with vigor and the talent to win

Cataclysm - Doomsday - (The LAN Gaming Event)

Gaming is no more about just having fun... Alliances are formed... Resolves are tested... Strategies fail... Prides clash... Egos get crushed... Teams are destroyed...
In this cataclysm of adrenaline and skills... Only ONE will prevail...

Counter Strike | Need For Speed - Most Wanted | FIFA

Kepler's Horizon (Workshop)

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained!
With Graffiti 2011, we provide students an opportunity to expand their horizons and look beyond the obvious.
So come, learn and get involved in an extremely engaging event!
An event which is sure to break all your shackles of inhibitions and enhance the scope of your thought process!

Celestial Scream - Clash of the Titans

A contest of bands; different styles and different genres of music come together and compete for the title of the 'Best Band'. Showcase your talent and enchant the audience with musical synchronization and heartfelt enthusiasm.

ProtoStar - Birth Place of new Ideas - (Business Plan)

'Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money.'
Capital and Experience are not that important in business. What is important is - 'The idea'.
An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.
Can you think outside of the box as well as inside it??
Can you take a simple idea and stretch it into a full fledged business plan??
It is a test of your imagination, innovation, strategy, curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism.

Pan Galactic (Short-film making contest)

It is time to unfurl the wings of creativity and lose yourself in Pan Galaxia.
Graffiti 2011, brings to you a short film-making contest.
A platform to showcase your breathtaking ideas and emotive excellence.
Come, unleash your imagination; the universe is the limit!

Lost in Space - Treasure Hunt

Space is a vast number of star systems held together by gravitational forces.
This treasure hunt requires you to find the treasure in this enormous space at the far end without making a mistake. The more mistakes you make, more difficult it gets for you to reach the treasure.

Bolide - (Business Quiz)

In a cluster of stars, luminance is what every star gives! But the brightest star outshines the crowded cluster. It is the search for that Bolide.. Will you triumph over the tribe or be trampled to the tarmac? If you have the zeal and knowledge, come and be a part of it! Prove your mettle, as you battle it out to test your acumen!
Be an exceptionally bright Bolide!

Aurora - Two Poles : Buyer and Seller - (Marketing strategy)

The Celestial Agora is open, Here's calling out to the bright auroral minds,
Come, innovate, entice and conquer! Buyer and Seller are always characterized by the existence of magnetic force hold by a unique product. So think about the real world and launch an imaginary but innovative product. The product has to form its
magnetic field so as to attract the buyers at the other pole. Aurora is a calling to those 'bright and colorful minds' who can face challenges and 'Dazzle the world'.

Matter Vs AntiMatter - 'War of Words' - (Debate)

It is a cataclysmic spar! Its conflicting charges at war, The stage is set, its with words that you fight Come aboard o warrior, its a test of your might!

Parallax - 'Think, Strategize, Solve' - (Case study)

1 problem
N dimensions
N solutions

Do you have the grit to reach the summit of lateral thinking and come up with the most promising solution by racing your mind in all directions possible??
Parallax is for those who can think laterally, analyze, innovate and come up with strategies that are practical and implementable.

Circumstellars - The Informals

Some are born mad; some remain so.
Those who are not, will soon be because we bring to them the wackiest events of Business Macrocosm, the

A potpourri of free for all ranging from the graffiti wall to wacky spoof acts.
It's all happening here, Just let the cheese slide off the cracker.
You name it, we have it here! There is music, there is art, there is absurdity and a lot of fun!
A perfect place to just hang out and let loose. This is the place to chill when you have time to kill.

Please find the detailed information of all events at #-Link-Snipped-#

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Rohit Krishnan - Ph: 7387422743
Ankit Tanwar - Ph: 9011096426
Raghu Vamshi - Ph: 8698954880
Team Graffiti 2011
Event Twitter Page #-Link-Snipped-#


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