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Scientists Create Light Out Of Nothing!

Question asked by Farjand in #Coffee Room on Nov 20, 2011
Farjand · Nov 20, 2011
Rank C2 - EXPERT
Exhibiting the correct application of Casimir effect, researchers at Chalmers Institute of technology have created light from Vacuum. According to the new discovery the particles from which light was created in vacuum lack energy, they do not exist like the real world matter. Imparting them energy can bring these subatomic particles to the real world that we can experience. The development is an indication that Vacuum does not mean nothingness and we can think of stepping into creating something out of it.

In the Chalmers scientists’ experiments, virtual photons bounce off a “mirror” that vibrates at a speed that is almost as high as the speed of light. The round mirror in the picture is a symbol, and under that is the quantum electronic component (referred to as a SQUID), which acts as a mirror. This makes real photons appear (in pairs) in vacuum | Image Credit: Philip Krantz, Chalmers

The team led by Christopher Wilson could accomplish this impossible feat after they worked on the principle stated by Physicist Moore more than 40 years ago. There is much activity going on even in vacuum. The team believed that particles are continuously formed, exist for a brief period of time and then disappear in vacuum. These particles are called virtual particles. The principle states that these virtual photons can be converted to real photons if they bounce from a mirror moving at a velocity as high as that of light.

While the virtual particles interact with the vibrating magnetic field or 'mirror' some of the kinetic energy is transferred to them and hence the photons can materialize before us. Surprisingly we can also create other subatomic particles like neutrons and electrons which will of course require more energy. Thinking from point of view of law of conservation of energy and mass, the scientific world had practical experiences that energy can be converted into matter however the reverse was only theoretically proved. It lacked practical base until now. The research by Charmers Institute forays into the possible evidence of Dark Energy. It might be true that the dark matter which scientists are searching through CDMS (Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) experiment can be created by imparting energy to the virtual particles. The study topic of the research hence becomes more relevant. The paper titled Observation of the dynamical casimir effect in a superconducting circuit is published in the current issue of journal Nature. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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