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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 12, 2017

Scientists are totally clueless about the latest mysterious cosmic radio signal

Scientists are totally clueless and have admitted that they are nowhere close to figuring out what the newly discovered cosmic radios are and where are they coming from. There are about 22 signals are fast and brilliant energy bursts that only last for a few milliseconds. Scientists say that these signals are about a billion times more luminous than they've seen in the galaxy.

Emily Petroff from the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy informed Gizmodo that the latest one, named FRB 150215, was detected on 15th February using Parkes Telescope in Australia. She says that this FRB (fast radio burst) is very strange for multiple reasons. Even after spending lot of time analysing it and using all the instruments available, scientists have not been able to figure out its cause.

Petroff said that her team spent lot of time with multiple telescopes to find out anything associated with it. The FRB 150215 has new wavelength window that they've never seen before. The team's actively engaged in figuring out where the burst came from.


The first FRB was discovered back in 2007. All the scientists know so far about these FRBs is that they are coming from very far away, maybe from outside of the galaxy and one of them repeats. Instead of helping scientists with more data, the latest FRB 150215 added to the mystery. Emily and her team published a paper about their observations on

Emily Petroff mentions on twitter that her team believes that these radio bursts have nothing to do with aliens. So far, every resources have been thrown at finding out what these FRBs are; including TNT, ANTARES, CHANDRA and others; but it didn't help. Petroff is quite happy that these newly discovered FRBs are allowing the scientists to work on something so unknown and find out the answers to the most fundamental questions.

What do you think these FRBs are? Are they coming from something that went off track that we can't find now? Let us know.

Source: Gizmodo

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