Satyam lays off 150 employees!

I've been doubting if its really the 'under performance' thing that's responsible for lay offs. Now I know for sure, its NOT under performance. Its just the early sign of the Indian IT services debacle that is eminent.

As reported by #-Link-Snipped-# , Satyam has shown pink slip to 150 employees at Hyderabad.

Close on the heels of Wipro’s plans to slash 1,000 people from its payrolls, and give counselling to another 2,000 ‘underperformers’, Satyam Computer Services too is understood to be pruning its workforce. The company has given pink slips to about 150 experienced employees who were on the bench from the Hyderabad centre, according to sources. More than 1,200 employees are expected to be under the company’s scanner based on their performance.

😭 Software Engineers - beware. You could be the next in line.


  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    I know a very old and good name in the KPO industry, Datamatics has also laid off many employees. They are not only software engineers, but people from Middle management, marketing, even support staff and HR. They are offering them to take 2 months salary and stop coming from the next day.

    It is really sad to happen to the sunshine industry on which the youth of today in India is banking its career.
  • anpraghuram
    The net result would be portal like monster and #-Link-Snipped-# will get benefited.

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