• After Apple made its buzz by introducing the iPhone 5S with TouchID i.e. the fingerprint recognition sensor, the world's attention got into the not-so-new identity technology. Fingerprint Cards now has a goal to make the technology a part and parcel of every smartphone by next year. And it is highly likely that most big smartphone manufacturers will follow suit. With an aim to sell its touch sensors Fingerprint is trying to rope in Samsung, LG Electronics and Huawei in the deal. "I think at least seven or eight will launch a phone with a touch sensor in 2014," Johan Carlstrom, Fingerprint's Chief Executive Officer, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. Fingerprint cards had announced its touch fingerprint sensors for Android and Windows operating systems last week. Carlstrom said Fingerprint expected Samsung, the world's biggest maker of smartphones, to launch at least one smartphone - or probably even two - with either a swipe or touch fingerprint sensor next year.


    While that new kicks in, you should know that Fingerprint is not the only company that specializes in the touch sensor technology, but it is among the very few. Rival AuthenTec was bought by Apple for $356 million and Validity was bought by Synaptics in October. We can also expect Japan's Fujitsu, South Korea's Pantech and China's Konka to have products with the "swipe" fingerprint technology.

    One also has to take into note that Samsung did confirm that support for fingerprint sensor technology was part of the company’s roadmap but no specifics were mentioned. Now, we are left wondering which of the Samsung's products (Smartphone or phablet or tablet) will have the fingerprint sensors installed. Would it be the Galaxy S5 or the Galaxy Note 4? What is your guess? Share with us in comments.
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