Samsung to price ultra-HDTVs in India at Rs. 3.25 Lakh & Rs. 4.4 Lakh

All the major electronics companies around the world have been going bullish on the 4K ultra-HD displays. Samsung's recently announced Note III is capable of capturing videos in 4K resolution - but the problem is that you'll need a 4K capable television to view those videos in full resolution. For bigger adoption of 4K televisions, the prices must come down - and that could be the reason Samsung has decided to bring down the prices of their ultra HDTVs in India to about Rs. 3.25 lakh for the 55" model and Rs. 4.4 lakh for 65" models.


The company is also expected to launch 55" OLD television sets in India but no details have been made available yet. The do you think India is ready for 4K yet?


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    India is a place where you can sell all sorts of products as India has all levels of customer range.We have customers to buy the worlds costliest cars,bikes,houses,etc but the problem is how big is that range.When a company want to introduce a product to intimate that they are technically advanced and they dont want profit from that high range product,I think they are safe.But if they totally rely on the big shot products for their growth,it will be difficult for Samsung to sustain here.
    On question:India is always ready to adapt new trending techs.

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