• Ahsanul haque
    Ahsanul haque

    MemberOct 26, 2013

    Samsung Smartglass

    Samsung smart glass will now be the part of the Samsung family .After all rumors earlier this month , the recently filed patent made it certain that this Korean company will be coming up with a device similar to google glass. The new field of electronics market have gathered alot of people’s attention , earlier it was smart-watch by Sony,Samsung etc. and now its the Google glasses which are getting all attention of people .These new wearable technologies have not only provided a different way of service but have also given us new way of thinking. Samsung got popular with its smart-watch earlier and now its going to be smart-glass. Smart glass won’t be something real different from Google glasses but will have some of the add on features,so lets have a look on the features detail of these glasses.
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