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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 5, 2010

Samsung Mobile OS: BADA - Discussions

I stumbled upon the Samsung Wave, Samsung's first BADA powered smartphone and I got hooked to it for almost 15 minutes. I searched the Internet for information about BADA and found out that since it's an upcoming OS, there isn't much information available. That's an opportunity for CEans, interested in mobile operating systems, to discuss the new operating system developed by Samsung.

I'm not a CS engineering and therefore I request all the computer engineers to come forward and discuss the OS - the pros/cons/future etc. through this thread. I'm sure it will be a very informative thread.

What do you think?

Question One: How is BADA, an OS build on Unix, different from other OS available? How does it match with the Android & iOS?
Leo • Aug 6, 2010
Thanks for advice Big_K, we'll surely try to get some info as soon as possible.

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